Medical malpractice claim over breast cancer misdiagnosis

Medical malpractice claim over breast cancer misdiagnosis

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Cancer is a serious concern for any Texas family, but the earlier it is detected, the greater the chance is that patients can survive it. This is why it is imperative that oncologists, doctors and other medical professionals do everything within their scope of practice to give patients accurate medical information and diagnose cancer in a timely manner. A misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose can cost a patient his or her life. This is the argument made by those representing former patients of one out-of-state radiologist who authorities say misread mammograms of at least 18 women.

One woman, not included in the 18, says that the radiologist in question gave her two mammograms a year apart. In both instances, she alleges that the radiologist said her results were negative for breast cancer and that she could simply maintain yearly screenings. She says that at the beginning of this year, she had another mammogram with that radiologist who diagnosed her with stage three breast cancer.

She says she had to have a double mastectomy to save her life. She has now filed a lawsuit against the radiologist and the care center where he used to work. The Virginia Board of Medicine suspended the radiologist’s medical license a few months later, for misreading the mammograms of 18 patients. While the woman in this suit was not in that group, she and two other women are pursuing lawsuits over the matter.

People put their trust in medical professionals, believing that they will do what it takes to help keep them healthy. While most doctors, nurses and other health care professionals work tirelessly to ensure that their patients receive the best care possible, there are those who may cause significant harm. This misdiagnosis case could be an example of why medical malpractice claims are often patients’ best option if they need to cover medical expenses due to a medical provider’s negligence. Here in Texas, anyone in this situation may want to consult an attorney with significant experience in this complicated area of the law.