Nursing home negligence suspected after a fatality

Nursing home negligence suspected after a fatality

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In Texas and throughout the United States, many nursing home residents have to wait several days, perhaps, even weeks in between visits with loved ones. It is not uncommon for family members to worry about their elderly relatives, especially if issues arise during residence in a particular facility that are causing concern. A woman in another state says that she believes nursing home negligence was the cause of her grandmother’s death.  

Video chats began to raise concerns 

The woman, who called her grandmother “Nanny,” says she was unable to visit her as often as she would like, but tried to keep in close touch with her on days when they could not see each other in person. The woman became concerned, she says, when she noticed during virtual visits that her grandmother’s appearance was disheveled, particularly her hair, which looked greasy and unwashed. More concerns arose when nursing home staff informed the woman that her grandmother had suffered injuries when she fell out of bed.  

Granddaughter notices severe injuries on chest, shoulders 

Her granddaughter was confused as to how the fall had occurred because her grandmother’s bed had protective bumpers to avoid such accidents. To make matters worse, the elderly woman reportedly had two severe sores on her toes that staff members said they were closely monitoring. Sadly, the woman’s grandmother wound up having to have the toes amputated when the infection got out of hand. Her granddaughter said she was shocked when she visited her grandmother in a hospital and noticed severe bruises across her chest and on other parts of her body.  

Police had been called in several times to investigate similar issues 

Not long after that visit, the woman’s grandmother entered hospice and died. The tragedy is apparently not the first suspicious incident that has taken place at the facility in question. Police had served several warrants there during investigations of past reports they had received concerning possible nursing home negligence. If an immediate family member of a Texas nursing home resident believes negligence has caused his or her loved one’s death, a wrongful death claim may be filed in civil court. While there is no way to replace the loss of a human life, a grieving family has the right to seek financial recovery for their losses in court, which can help cover funeral costs and other expenses associated with their loved one’s death.