Alleged brain surgery error leads to medical malpractice lawsuit

Alleged brain surgery error leads to medical malpractice lawsuit

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A neurosurgeon is facing a medical malpractice lawsuit for his involvement in a car crash that killed a medical student last year. The victim of the crash was a passenger in the vehicle driven by the prominent neurosurgeon. Not only is he facing manslaughter charges, but he is also being sued for medical malpractice based on surgery performed in December 2018, where a patient died due to post-surgery complications.

Details of the lawsuit

A man went into Mobile Infirmary Medical Center to have brain surgery on December 7, 2018. The surgeon in question performed a different surgery than the patient had consented to. The doctor allegedly realized his mistake and either altered the consent forms or had them altered by someone else. The patient required emergency brain surgery the next day, which was performed by the same neurosurgeon. Unfortunately, the patient died on December 11, only four days after the first procedure.

The medical malpractice lawsuit was filed on behalf of the wife of the man who died after the surgical error. Medical records list “intracranial bleed” as the cause of death. The lawsuit alleges that the surgeon was negligent. The doctor has released a statement denying the allegations against him, and the case is scheduled to go to trial in September 2022.

Moving forward after these tragic incidents

The death of a loved one is never easy to deal with. But when a family member dies under seemingly preventable circumstances like a surgical error, the surviving family members are left to try to make sense of the tragedy. They may also face unexpected medical bills and funeral costs. Anyone in Texas who has experienced the injury or death of a loved one due to any form of medical malpractice can contact an experienced attorney to learn about the options available to them.