Father sues hospital over son’s birth-related neurological damage

Father sues hospital over son’s birth-related neurological damage

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A traumatic birth experience has left a child with permanent neurological damage. The father is now suing the hospital for medical negligence. He claims that the hospital failed to provide proper care during and after the birth, which led to extensive and life-changing injuries for his son.

Negligence during delivery

The tragedy that led to the lawsuit occurred in 2017. The father claims that those attending the birth of his son were negligent in monitoring the fetal heart rate. The lawsuit, filed against Columbia Memorial Hospital and one of the attending physicians, also claims other medical negligence.

The child had to be flown to another hospital in Portland for emergency treatment after the birth. He was then diagnosed with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, which is a type of brain damage seen in newborns. This condition can occur after oxygen deprivation and limited blood flow to the brain. The baby has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and he also suffers from other serious health conditions.

A family deals with life-changing circumstances

No parent wants to think about their baby suffering injuries after birth. The young boy in this case now suffers from many health issues which have permanently changed his life and the lives of the entire family. His father is seeking over $100 million in the lawsuit to help pay for medical care and other expenses. The hospital has not commented on the pending lawsuit.

Medical negligence during labor and delivery can lead to profoundly serious injuries. Parents may worry about their child’s future and be concerned about finding the funds to afford medical care, therapy, and other injury-related expenses. Anyone who has been injured due to medical negligence can speak with an attorney who is experienced with medical malpractice. An attorney can provide information on the legal options available to the injured party and their family.