Nursing home cited after man jumps from window of facility

Nursing home cited after man jumps from window of facility

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Following a tragic incident, which led to the injuries of a resident, a nursing home has been cited and now faces further investigations. A 78-year-old man jumped from a window of the facility. This incident happened late in the evening on the day the patient was admitted to the nursing home. Fortunately, his injuries are reported to be minor.

Events leading up to the incident

The man was transported by ambulance to the nursing home several hours before the fall. The staff reported that he was acting confused and anxious upon arrival. Due to these circumstances, he was fitted with an ankle monitor that was designed to let the staff know if he tried to leave the building.

Facility safety measures weren’t enough

This facility is equipped with safety latches on the windows to prevent them from being opened more than 6 inches. Unfortunately, the distressed patient was able to circumvent these measures by using a mop from a nearby maintenance room to break a window latch. The man jumped from the window, which was on the second story, and fell to the ground below. He was discovered by staff later that evening.

The man suffered minor injuries from the fall. He complained of back pain, and he also had some bleeding in his mouth. The patient was transported to a local hospital for treatment. After the incident, the facility was cited for Immediate Jeopardy, a serious nursing home violation. The investigation into the nursing home is ongoing and may lead to further citations or fines.

When a family decides to place a loved one in a nursing home, they expect them to receive the best care possible. Unfortunately, sometimes nursing homes are negligent in caring for patients. Many times, this negligence is cause for legal action. Anyone in Texas who has had a loved one suffer from illness or injury related to nursing home negligence can consult an attorney for advice on the best way to go forward with legal proceedings.