Fertility treatments lead to win in medical malpractice lawsuit

Fertility treatments lead to win in medical malpractice lawsuit

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Tragic circumstances surrounding fertility treatments have changed the lives of a family. A couple sought treatment to help them conceive a child. After the treatment, the couple was expecting twins. One of the babies died and the other was left with life-altering medical issues. The mother and father filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the center that provided the treatments. 

Details of the case 

The parents in this case went to the state health center for an insemination procedure. The donor sperm used in the procedure carried cytomegalovirus, a herpes virus that can cause birth defects or infant death. The mother became pregnant with twins after insemination. One of them died in utero and the other was born with severe birth defects which will affect the child for his entire life.  

There were several claims made by the parents in the lawsuit. First, they believed that they were not able to give informed consent about the risks associated with using donor sperm from a carrier of CMV. The couple also claims the medical center failed to diagnose defects that may have been found on the 20-week ultrasound. The parents were eventually awarded nearly $38 million by the courts. UConn Health, which had a contract with the fertility treatment center at the time of the insemination, plans to appeal the ruling. 

Legal claims related to medical malpractice 

When serious injury or death occurs due to medical malpractice, a family may have the option to sue health care providers and the facilities where the procedures were performed. Losing a loved one or enduring life-changing health problems due to medical negligence can devastate a family. To better understand their legal options, Texas families who have been in this situation can benefit from talking to an attorney with knowledge of medical malpractice cases.