Investigators discover horrible conditions inside nursing home

Investigators discover horrible conditions inside nursing home

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There are certain expectations a family has when they choose to place a loved one in a nursing home. This is never an easy decision, but it’s often a necessary one. Families expect their loved one to receive the best medical care and to have access to knowledgeable staff to take care of their needs. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. An investigation into the conditions inside one Northeastern nursing home has led to some horrific discoveries of conditions inside the facility.

A family’s worst nightmare

The nursing home in question has had some violations in the past. In fact, it has a 1-star rating based on the federal 5-star rating system. During recent inspections, there were numerous safety concerns involving the treatment of residents. The inspectors found expired medications, improper food-handling practices and neglect in providing residents with the care they required.

A spokesperson for the facility disputes some of the findings. Currently, the nursing home has received a cutoff from federal government funding for Medicare and Medicaid payments for new admissions due to the findings. The facility also has to pay a fine. There may be further action taken against the facility once a follow-up inspection is completed.

Legal options

A family can often struggle with the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home. The family may fear their loved one won’t receive proper care. While many facilities take great care of their residents, others can neglect or even abuse those they are supposed to be caring for. If a Texas family has concerns about the care their loved one is receiving in a nursing home, they can contact an attorney with experience in dealing with nursing home negligence to understand their legal options.