Nursing home residents not thriving away from home facility

Nursing home residents not thriving away from home facility

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Hurricane Ida caused many people to evacuate from their homes. This included residents of several nursing homes on the Gulf Coast. While the facilities have been inspected for safety, hundreds of residents have yet to return to what most consider home. Families are concerned for their physical health as well as their mental well-being as some seem to be suffering by not being allowed to return to the familiarity and routines they were used to before the evacuation.

Hurricane Ida causes upheaval for residents

Hurricane Ida made landfall in late August 2021. This Category 4 storm caused many to be evacuated in the Gulf Coast area. Some nursing homes had to move residents  further inland for safety. But residents have been away from their home facility for over a month, and their families are worried about their health. Residents with specific health issues, especially those with dementia, thrive on routines and being in familiar areas.

Most of the evacuated facilities have been inspected and cleared so that residents should be able to safely return. But there are still hundreds who are living away from family in facilities that they are not familiar with. The toll this is taking on their mental health may also be affecting them physically. Plus, family members are worried they may miss out on spending time with medically fragile loved ones. Family and staff of the facilities are advocating for these residents to be able to return home.

Negligent care

When it comes to caring for those in a residential facility, it’s not only about physical health. Nursing homes are also responsible for helping residents stay mentally well through stimulation, routines and healthy interactions with others. When a family member suspects that a loved one is not being properly cared for in a nursing home, they may have cause to seek a civil case related to negligence. An experienced attorney with knowledge in nursing home negligence cases can provide helpful information on the legal options available.