Potentially harmful violations lead to nursing home investigation

Potentially harmful violations lead to nursing home investigation

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When a family faces the difficult decision to place their loved one in a nursing home, they may do some research in an attempt to find the best facility. While many nursing homes advertise excellent care, that care is not always provided. Some families even experience issues like understaffing that create health hazards or cause injuries to their loved ones. One nursing home is facing an investigation regarding apparent violations that may have put some residents in danger.  

What prompted the investigation? 

The nursing home in question, located in the southeast, is being investigated by the state health department. After several reports were filed based on conditions inside the facility, the department launched an in-depth investigation to determine if the nursing home was violating care standards. The report lists information related to 10 different residents who  experienced living conditions that were detrimental to their health.  

With around 185 residents, the nursing home has many patients with conditions that require specific care. Many of the reports involve residents with dementia and other conditions not being monitored properly.  So far, the health department has recommended that staff be reeducated on the proper way to report incidents. Other actions may be taken later.  

Legal recourse for nursing home negligence 

Deciding to place a loved one in a nursing home is an emotional event for a family. It’s important that they feel confident that their loved one will receive the best care possible based on their specific health needs. Sometimes, nursing homes fail to provide care for patients with certain mental or physical conditions. If you suspect that your loved one isn’t receiving adequate care in a nursing home, there are legal options. An experienced Texas attorney can explain the options for getting in touch with the state or, under certain egregious circumstances, pursuing a nursing home negligence case.