TV personality Trevor Noah files medical malpractice lawsuit

TV personality Trevor Noah files medical malpractice lawsuit

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Trevor Noah, a respected writer and comedian best known for hosting The Daily Show, has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a hospital and a surgeon at the facility. The suit is related to a procedure Noah had that the lawsuit states caused permanent and series injuries.

What caused the lawsuit?

While the details of information about the procedure Trevor Noah had remain private, the lawsuit stems from the quality of the healthcare following the surgery. The allegations include that the medical professionals who performed the surgery, along with the hospital, neglected to provide proper after care. The hospital has not commented on the case.

Noah states that the hospital and orthopedic surgeon failed to properly diagnose medical issues he was developed following surgery. He also states that the proper medication was not prescribed to him. Noah is suing because of the injuries he and his expert witnesses believe were directly related to lack of care after his surgery. He claims that due to medical negligence, he now suffers from life-changing injuries. Unfortunately, we see this kind of neglect far too often — though not usually in such a high-profile patient.

Pursuing a post-surgery medical malpractice suit

Surgery involves more than just the procedure itself. Following surgery, appropriate monitoring, medication, and interventions are critical. The body is often in a vulnerable state following an invasive procedure, and the patients require specific medications and treatments for successful recovery. Sometimes the medications and treatments themselves can cause harm if not carefully administered or monitored. Our firm has previously handled cases involving the administration of pain medication following surgery that resulted in the tragic and premature deaths of the patients.

Anyone in Texas who believes they have suffered due to medical negligence can benefit from speaking with a medical malpractice attorney to understand all the available options.