Medical misdiagnosis can be life-threatening

Medical misdiagnosis can be life-threatening

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Medical errors are one of the top three leading causes of death in the United States. A misdiagnosis can lead to improper care, unnecessary treatments or medications, and a lack of care for the condition one is suffering from. When one visits a medical professional, they should be prepared with specific information to help prevent misdiagnosis of their condition. Seeking a second opinion is also a good option when the patient feels that something is off with their original diagnosis. 

Ways to prevent medical misdiagnosis 

The three most misdiagnosed conditions are vascular events, cancer and infection. There are many things that can lead to a misdiagnosis. Lack of ordering diagnostic tests, failure to address abnormal findings and not considering all available information from the patient can lead a practitioner to improperly diagnose a condition.  

It’s beneficial to keep a list of the symptoms one is suffering from help prevent a misdiagnosis. By noting the severity and timing of the symptoms, the patient can help the provider better understand what’s going on. After the appointment, the patient may wish to seek a second opinion from another medical professional if they don’t feel confident with the diagnosis.  

When misdiagnosis becomes malpractice 

A person can suffer greatly, and unnecessarily if they are diagnosed with the wrong medical condition. Misdiagnosis can lead to unneeded medicines or surgery, which can cause serious pain, recovery time and long-term effects. Texas individuals expect a certain level of care and response to their medical issues when visiting a practitioner. Those who believe that may have been misdiagnosed can better understand their options by talking with a medical malpractice attorney.