Physician sues another doctor for medical malpractice

Physician sues another doctor for medical malpractice

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Medical malpractice suits are filed in every state in association with many different types of medical treatments. In fact, even healthcare providers know the importance of holding other healthcare providers and institutions accountable for dangerous errors and omissions.

According to a recent study, medical malpractice could be the third-leading cause of death in the United State after cancer and heart disease. Tragically, many times negligence occurs without the knowledge of the victim. Those who are themselves in the medical profession can be in a position to know when healthcare fails to meet acceptable standards of care. At Marynell Maloney Law Firm, we represent healthcare providers including physicians, nurses, and hospital employees in medical malpractice cases. We are proud that many of our clients come to us at the referral of healthcare providers familiar with the quality of our work, and the need for good, compassionate representation.

Details of a lawsuit

In one pending case, a doctor is suing his personal physician for lack of treatment that he alleges led to a serious infection and amputation.

The injured doctor in this case was seeking treatment for various foot issues. He visited a facility that specialized in foot and ankle conditions. The podiatrist took the injured man’s medical history and treated the condition during the first visit and other subsequent visits. Six months later, the podiatrist decided to have a total cast applied to the victim’s leg.

The injured physician believes that because of his previous medical conditions, the cast caused him to ultimately suffer septic shock and require the amputation of his leg. Because he was a doctor himself, the victim is confident in his belief that the podiatrist was negligent and that negligence directly led to his permanent injuries. Regardless, expert witnesses must be hired by both sides and litigation – even with the plaintiff physician – can be protracted.

Seeking legal advice for medical malpractice

Losing a limb due to amputation is life-changing and the damage can be particularly terrible if the patient feels that medical negligence caused the amputation to be necessary. In cases of negligent care that results in the need for amputation, the injured party has the option to contact a lawyer to investigate a medical malpractice case against the health care provider, the facility where the treatment was performed, or both. Those in the healthcare industry know the importance of contacting lawyers who are intimately familiar with not just complex medical malpractice law, but the underlying medicine as well. It’s best to seek advice from an experienced Texas medical malpractice attorney to understand how to proceed with a suit against those responsible.