Mother prevails on medical malpractice case after newborn’s birth injury

Mother prevails on medical malpractice case after newborn’s birth injury

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Texas parents may have many expectations before the birth of their child. But most parents don’t expect something to go wrong that can lead to a serious injury. Birth injuries can cause lifelong debilitating conditions for a child. Though every parent’s hope is for a healthy child, when medical care providers don’t take proper precautions and offer treatment for conditions that may cause birth injuries, parents may have no choice but to sue for medical malpractice. One mother in another state was compensated with a significant sum in a case against a hospital after her son was left with serious life-altering injuries after birth.

Devastating injuries after birth

In this case, a hospital failed to act when the woman’s son showed signs of distress during labor and delivery. The doctor testified that she was not kept apprised by the medical staff of the problems the baby was experiencing, and would have delivered the child sooner if she had known. As a result of the failure to timely deliver the child after he was shown to be in distress, Bonita Johnson’s baby developed severe brain damage which will require lifelong medical and financial care.

The boy, who is now 7 years old, is facing a lifetime of health challenges. Due to the extent of the brain damage, he will need lifelong care and assistance with everyday tasks. The jury ultimately ordered the hospital to pay $20 million to Ms. Johnson, which will hopefully go a long way in helping her provide the care her son needs.

Where to turn for legal help

When one suffers from medical malpractice resulting in a birth injury or other serious condition, there may be confusion about where to turn for help. Texas residents who have been injured due to medical malpractice, or parents who have a child with a birth injury, can seek advice from an experienced attorney. A successful medical malpractice lawsuit can help the injured family pay for medical bills and other expenses.