Anesthesiologist under investigation after death of colleague

Anesthesiologist under investigation after death of colleague

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Attention to detail is an important skill in many professions. Texas physicians, especially anesthesiologists, should always ensure patients receive the best care based on their specific conditions and needs. When an anesthesiologist makes a mistake, the results can be fatal. After several incidents at a Texas hospital, an anesthesiologist is under investigation for medical negligence.  

Serious allegations 

The doctor in this case is facing serious accusations and he has a history of being disciplined for various offenses. After the death of a colleague, and several other patient injuries, the doctor’s license was suspended pending the completion of the investigation. The victim who passed away had administered an IV to herself at home before she died. The bag was from the hospital where they both worked. 

Investigations indicate that the anesthesiologist in question was caught on hospital surveillance cameras placing various IV bags outside of operating rooms. When tested, these bags, along with the one the victim administered to herself, were found to contain a local anesthetic. Sadly, the bags were not properly labeled. This medication can be deadly when not used correctly, and investigators concluded that the bags had been tampered with.  

Seeking damages for medical negligence 

The victims’ families in this case have some serious questions about what happened to their loved ones. Patients and their family members should never have to worry about encountering an untrustworthy care provider but occasionally it does happen. Victims or surviving family members who find themselves in such a difficult situation can see seek advice from a Texas medical malpractice attorney to understand how best to proceed with a case against those deemed at fault. Medical negligence is a complicated matter where sound legal advice can provide insight on what options may be available.