Failure to diagnose can be life-threatening

Failure to diagnose can be life-threatening

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Those seeking medical care in Texas and elsewhere expect to be properly diagnosed through diagnostic tests, observations and other methods of diagnosing. When a medical care provider fails to diagnose a condition, the patient can suffer serious health problems. A man in another state was successful in his lawsuit against providers after they failed to diagnose him properly.

Details of the lawsuit

The victim went to a walk-in clinic to be checked out after suffering from symptoms that are associated with bacterial pneumonia and sepsis. The providers at the clinic diagnosed the man with the flu and sent him home. When his condition got worse, he went to an emergency room and was treated. He suffered several strokes and now is facing permanent damage to his lungs and brain related to his illness.

The victim was awarded several million dollars by a jury in his medical malpractice lawsuit. Those funds will help to pay for his medical expenses. The money will also help with long-term care that may be needed due to the ongoing issues that he will likely deal with for the rest of his life.

Where to turn after a failure to diagnose

Victims of failure to diagnose can be faced with life-altering illnesses or injuries. They may suffer from serious pain related to their condition, and in some cases, the suffering is exacerbated by the lack of a timely and correct diagnosis. Texas victims of medical malpractice related to failure to diagnose or any other issue have the right to seek help from an experienced medical malpractice attorney to understand their legal options in taking action against those at fault.