Birth injuries can be life-changing for a family

Birth injuries can be life-changing for a family

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It’s not uncommon for expectant parents in Texas to have some fear surrounding the birth of their child. While most of these fears are unfounded, and most babies are born without issue, there are occasions when something goes wrong. Birth injuries may be preventable if proper care is provided to the mother and baby before, during and after birth. When a health care professional fails to provide proper care, the baby may suffer from serious injuries.

Understanding birth injuries

When a baby suffers an injury related to birth, there may be lifelong health concerns. Parents can prepare themselves for these issues by understanding more about birth injuries. A birth injury can happen for many reasons. Health care providers may not properly screen the mother before birth to see if the baby needs specific care which can lead to problems during labor and delivery.

Birth injuries may include brain damage, bone fractures, swelling to various parts of the body, and other injuries. Parents have the right to ask questions when they suspect their baby was injured at birth. Questions about the diagnosis and long-term prognosis can help parents prepare for the future and understand what type of care or treatment the child will need to thrive.

Where victims can turn for help

Parents of birth-injured children should not blame themselves. Health care providers are responsible for monitoring the mother and baby throughout pregnancy and birth. When proper monitoring and diagnosis are not performed, the child can be seriously injured. Texas parents who have a birth-injured child can benefit from speaking with a medical malpractice attorney to see what legal options they have in taking action against those deemed at fault.