Personal Injury and Ice: What to Do if You Slip and Fall

Personal Injury and Ice: What to Do if You Slip and Fall

Shoppers and pedestrians deserve to feel safe. Slips and falls due to ice buildup can be devastating, which is why it’s important to know what to do if this happens to you.

Each winter, weather-related injuries skyrocket. Ice, snow, and fog contribute to create poor weather conditions that can impact pedestrians when they least expect it. In fact, nearly one million Americans is injured each year due to falling. Many of these injuries occur while the victim is simply trying to run errands or visit a local attraction. Sidewalks that have not been properly salted or maintained may acquire ice that can affect adults when they least expect it. If you or someone you know has been injured due to a fall at a public place, it’s important to seek assistance as soon as possible. You deserve to feel safe and protected when you are out and about, which is why there are laws and regulations in place designed to protect you. Should you slip and fall while you are visiting a museum, a grocery store, or even a local business, there are several things you need to know about moving forward.

First of all, document everything. While falling can have many consequences, one of the most severe are fractures. Broken wrists, arms, or even ankles can happen when you slip and fall due to ice. When you are injured, you might be tempted to brush it off and act as though the injury was “no big deal,” especially if you feel embarrassed about the accident. Try to remember that you are a victim in this instance and you deserve to be treated with respect and care after a fall. Seek medical attention immediately and have your injuries documented by a medical professional. You should also take pictures of both the accident site and your personal injuries, if possible. These may be useful later if you need to go to court or present evidence as to the severity of your injuries.

It’s also important that you report the injury as soon as possible. For severe slips with obvious medical injury, you may call paramedics to help you. For less severe injuries, you may consider reporting in person. You can report your injury to a manager or supervisor at the site of the accident, but you should also report your injury to the police. Note that in some cases, failure to properly report your injury can make obtaining financial restitution quite challenging. Aim to report the incident within one day; however, you should report it on the same day as possible. If anyone witnessed your accident, obtain their names and telephone numbers so you can provide these to the police for additional confirmation about the accident.

You’ll want to meet with an attorney as soon as possible who can help you obtain the compensation you need after a slip and fall accident. You deserve to feel safe and comfortable when you’re shopping or participating in daily activities. You shouldn’t have to worry about being injured doing something like walking into a store. Your attorney can offer guidance and support as you move forward, so don’t delay. Hire someone you can count on as soon as possible to help you through the legal process.