Commercial Truck Accidents

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Beyond tractor-trailers, many other types of commercial vehicles are on our roads every day. These vehicles include:

  • Delivery trucks
  • Oil and gas supply trucks
  • Transport vans (e.g., airport vans, hospital transport, campus vans)

Most of these vehicles are on our roads every day logging many miles of travel. Apart from being larger than most passenger vehicles these trucks can pose a hazard to other drivers for various reasons, including:

  • Aggressive driving/speeding — Drivers may be under pressure to complete their routes in unrealistic amounts of time causing them to drive aggressively and/or speed.
  • Improper maintenance — As these vehicles spend so much of their time in operation, minor mechanical problems may become exacerbated before they can be identified or addressed.
  • Hiring unqualified drivers — Hiring drivers with clean driving records and/or monitoring driver operation of a company vehicle can be a necessary step in ensuring safe driving and preventing accidents.

Unfortunately, not all businesses that have vehicles on the road do everything they should to ensure the safety of other motorists. When an accident with a commercial vehicle has left you injured, we can help.

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More information is available on our Trucking Accident FAQ.

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