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While truck drivers typically walk away from accidents, this is usually not the case for the people in the other vehicle. If you are involved in an accident involving a semi, you are likely to be facing a long and painful recovery. You may suffer permanent impairments.

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A Search For The Truth

Investigation of a truck accident is a search for the truth. Was the truck driver at fault? Did he or she take rest breaks as required under federal law? Was the truck overloaded or improperly loaded? Was the truck driver speeding?

While you may assume that the state highway patrol will conduct a full and fair investigation, that does not always happen. In some cases, the officer simply accepts the word of the truck driver. As a result, the accident report may be one-sided.

The insurance company representing the trucking company will work hard to protect itself from liability. If it can show that the accident was your fault, it will not have to pay you anything. With millions of dollars potentially at stake, it will send investigative teams to the scene within hours to collect evidence that shifts blame from the truck driver to you. Evidence that you need to prove truck driver liability may literally drive away from the scene.

To protect your interests, it is critical that you have your own legal team working to protect your rights to fair compensation. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can conduct a proper investigation and secure all necessary evidence to prove truck driver or trucking company liability. We will examine all possible causes of your accident, including driver fatigue, drug or alcohol abuse, speeding, improper maintenance or otherwise negligence.

More information is available on our Trucking Accident FAQ.

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