Getting life back on track following a birth injury

Getting life back on track following a birth injury

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Welcoming a baby into the world is typically an exciting and joyful experience for parents in Texas and throughout the United States. Sadly, however, medical negligence plagues many hospitals and birthing centers, placing moms at risk for labor and delivery mishaps that place their infants at risk for birth injury. Many birth injuries result in partial or full permanent disability, leaving parents unprepared to meet the exorbitant expenses often associated with the care necessary to help their children.

Recovering from the emotional trauma of a birth injury is difficult enough without being overwhelmed by financial burdens. Yet, that is exactly what many families experience as they do their best to provide the best care possible for their babies who were injured by doctors’ errors or other medical negligence. In such circumstances, it often helps to reach out for support, which may include assistance from other family members and friends, faith leaders in one’s community or even an experienced personal injury attorney.

An attorney possesses clear understanding of applicable laws that govern medical malpractice issues. When a parent files a claim on behalf of an injured child, the burden of proof rests with the plaintiff. An attorney can enlist third party testimony to help substantiate a claim.

At Marynell Maloney Law Firm in Texas, 30 years of experience helps people pursue full recovery for the losses they suffer due to birth injury or other medical malpractice situations. It is right and just that you should be appropriately compensated for any loss you have sustained due to medical negligence. To seek answers to any questions or concerns you might have regarding a particular birth injury claim, you can request a consultation by accessing our online contact form.