A tanker truck accident is especially dangerous

A tanker truck accident is especially dangerous

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

When a large truck is in an accident, it often causes significant damage. Because the size and force of these big rigs, a truck accident is likely to cause grave or even fatal injuries. Tanker trucks are particularly dangerous, especially when they are transporting hazardous substances along Texas roads. 

Tanker trucks are more likely to roll over than other types of trucks. Because they carry liquid, there are not always able to maintain stability in a collision. An impact can cause the liquid to shift and topple the truck over. Many tankers carry highly volatile and dangerous chemicals, which can explode or cause a fire in a crash.

A tanker truck that carries certain types of liquid can also cause harm to the those who are near the accident scene or working to clean it up. Respiratory distress and chemical burns are possible, even for those who do not come into direct contact with what was spilled. In addition, tanker truck accidents often lead to long road closures and major clean up efforts, further disrupting the lives motorists and nearby residents.

Truck accidents, especially those involving tanker trucks, can wreak havoc, and Texas victims may feel overwhelmed by the aftermath. It may be helpful to explore the possibility of a civil claim, as the trucker and/or another party could be financially responsible for what happened. A person harmed because of a tanker truck accident has the right to pursue whatever legal recourse is available to him or her under the law.