2 defective product recalls close company

2 defective product recalls close company

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | Products Liability |

Each and every day, consumers purchase products based on advertising claims that may or may not be true. Too often a shopper will end up with a defective product that may not work properly, and even worse, could cause physical damage from its use. A Texas business has closed because federal regulators say it has not just one defective product, but two that will potentially harm consumers.

Just one month ago the company recalled one of its products, an Indian herb, because there was a reported incident where ingredients in the compound caused a burn to the skin when it was applied. The herb was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration but was sold online to a number of people living in various countries throughout the world. The company claimed the herb would help abnormal growths on the body as well as blood disorders.

More recently, a type of water also sold by the company to consumers in North America was recalled after discovery that it contained a bacteria that could cause death or serious illness to those who already had weakened immune systems. This product allegedly helped balance the body’s metabolism. A report on the recalls did not specify whether there had been any other complaints in the 17 years the company had been in business.

Illness, injury or death from a defective product calls for legal action. A company that causes pain and suffering, whether physical or emotional, can be held accountable for the anguish and documented financial losses. A Texas attorney who has experience helping other victims of defective products can explain the legal options available and work with a client to develop a plan of action.