Woman says grandmother was victim of nursing home negligence

Woman says grandmother was victim of nursing home negligence

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As people in Texas age, they often need more help with their own care. Many of them require the level of assistance that only professionals can provide, so their loved ones may choose to have them live in a nursing home. While this is typically a beneficial arrangement for everyone considered, there are instances where patients may not receive proper care. One woman in another state is now alleging that her grandmother’s death was the result of serious nursing home negligence and she is hoping that authorities will file criminal charges.

An inadequate standard of care?

The woman says that her grandmother was living in a care home, though it is unclear for how long. Last year, in March, the woman claims she saw signs that staff may not have been taking proper care of her grandmother and that her hygiene was not prioritized. She says that when she called the facility to inquire about her grandmother’s health in September, she was told that her grandmother was badly bruised on her face due to a fall out of bed.

The next month, her grandmother had to have two toes amputated due to a wound that was not properly healing. The woman claims that the wound was deep enough to expose bone. She decided to file a police report because she also claims she saw bruising on her grandmother’s chest and arms. By November, her grandmother was placed in a new facility, but died that month.

Legal options for families of victims

The woman is hopeful that the facility will face criminal charges, but even if that does not occur, she could file a civil claim instead. When a loved one is a victim of nursing home negligence, families may want to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim as a means of holding those responsible accountable and preventing future tragedy. A Texas attorney with experience in handling these types of claims can help guide a grieving family through this difficult event.