Bedsores due to nursing home neglect

Bedsores due to nursing home neglect

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Pressure ulcers, commonly known as bedsores, are common in extended-care facilities and nursing homes in Texas and throughout the U.S. Bedsores should not develop on patients who are living in nursing homes since they are typically a sign of nursing home neglect.

Individuals who live in nursing home facilities are usually there because they require medical care that loved ones are not able to provide at home. Elderly patients have a greater risk of developing bedsores. The sores can be life-threatening, especially depending on the patient’s age, skin thinness, mobility and underlying medical issues. When nursing home neglect occurs in an extended-living facility, patients are more likely to experience bedsores.

What causes bedsores to develop

Several factors can raise the risk of pressure ulcers, but they are typically due to pressure that affects one part of the body for an extended period of time. If a patient is in one position for too long, the sores can occur on the tailbone, back, heels and hips. Bedsores are more likely to develop if the patient is malnourished or dehydrated or if the patient is exposed to too much moisture for extended periods, such as from urine or feces.

The responsibility of nursing home

Caregivers in a nursing home are responsible for ensuring that residents are receiving adequate care to prevent nursing home negligence. This includes repositioning patients regularly and providing proper nutrition. Caregivers are also required to change patients’ clothing and take deliberate preventative measures to keep bedsores from developing. Bedsores can be extremely painful and lead to serious conditions like sepsis. The sores can also lead to extensive surgery and be fatal if left untreated.

If your loved one shows signs of bed sores, you may want to hold the nursing home facility responsible. An experienced personal injury lawyer may review the details of your case and help you and your family seek the settlement you’re entitled to for nursing home neglect.