Nursing home staff warns public of neglect at facility

Nursing home staff warns public of neglect at facility

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There are many families who struggle with making the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home. They may worry that their loved one will not be cared for properly or that they will even be mistreated. There are many wonderful facilities that provide the best care for their residents. But one nursing home has come under fire after some of the staff spoke out about the poor treatment of the residents.

Workers’ claims

Workers at a New England nursing home claim that residents are being neglected and are not being provided with proper care. The facility has had staffing issues in the past. According to a source, they are almost always understaffed. Some residents also have concerns that help would not be available if they had an emergency like a fall or life-threatening medical event.

Some staff members of the nursing home have repeatedly called emergency services and the local health department to attempt to find a way to improve conditions at the facility. The nursing home has failed inspections in the past and has been fined for violations. The facility is currently under investigation.

Nursing home neglect shouldn’t happen

It can be an extremely emotional time when a family decides to have a loved one placed in a nursing home. While it’s often the best decision for the individual to ensure they get the care they need, it can still be a difficult time for everyone involved. That’s why it’s so important that families find a facility that can be trusted to provide the best care possible for their loved one. When a nursing home neglects or abuses a resident, there may be legal recourse. In these circumstances, it’s helpful for a Texas family to seek legal advice from an attorney with experience in nursing home negligence cases.