Family files medical negligence suit related to birth injuries

Family files medical negligence suit related to birth injuries

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During pregnancy, many parents feel nervous or anxious about the birth of their child. These are very normal feelings and are usually unfounded as most childbirths happen without serious issues. But, on occasion, things do go wrong.  Every birth is different, and sometimes medical intervention is needed for the child, the mother or both. In this case, parents are filing a medical negligence lawsuit against providers and the facility because they believe that their child was not given proper care.  

Birth injuries are a serious matter 

The mother in this case was pregnant with twins. The birth of the first baby was uneventful and didn’t require any serious medical intervention. The second baby, however, was born with a twisted small intestine. The parents believe that their child was not given adequate care and that the doctors did not act quickly enough to diagnose and take further action. 

The baby had to undergo surgery to remove his small intestine and part of his large intestine. The parents believe that the medical staff exacerbated the problems by not heeding the warning signs and acting quickly to reduce or prevent permanent damage to the baby’s digestive tract. The child may now have to be fed intravenously for the rest of his life.  

The aftermath of a serious birth injury 

When there is a traumatic birth injury, parents are not only caring for the basic needs of the child, or in this case, the needs of twins, but are also learning how to navigate life with a special needs infant. This is not only mentally taxing but can also come with lifelong medical bills related to caring for the child. In many cases, if medical negligence is the cause of injury, there may be cause for legal action. Texas parents can consult a knowledgeable attorney to understand the options they have in pursuing damages for medical malpractice.