Oral surgery leaves dental drill bit in patient’s mouth

Oral surgery leaves dental drill bit in patient’s mouth

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Going to the dentist causes many people to feel anxious, especially when one must undergo a serious procedure like dental surgery. Most dental surgeries go as planned, although the patient may feel some pain and deal with a recovery period. But on occasion, a serious error can leave lasting effects that may cause long-term issues for the patient. A Texas woman is suing a dentist and dental practice after a surgical error left her in pain for months after the procedure. 

Surgical errors can cause long-lasting health issues    

Oral surgery can be complex, which is why many patients seek the service of specialists in the field. A woman who needed two dental implants removed and replaced visited a dental specialist in a facility that focused on oral surgery. Unfortunately, during the surgery, an implement was left inside the patient’s jaw. The woman experienced a lot of pain afterward and was concerned when the pain wasn’t going away in a timely manner. 

The patient claims that the practice was dismissive of her complaints. Even after she had several follow-up appointments, the dentist still didn’t take care in helping the woman deal with her intense pain. Months after surgery, an x-ray revealed that a surgical implement was left in her jaw. This was the likely cause of her pain. Still, the dentist and facility dismissed the error as a common occurrence.  

Medical malpractice in dental care 

An oral surgeon has the same responsibilities to patient care as any other type of surgeon. It’s unacceptable for any practitioner to leave a surgical implement in the surgical site. Not only can this cause immense pain, it can also lead to infections and other serious health issues in the future. Patients who have dealt with any type of surgical error can benefit from seeking legal advice from a Texas attorney with knowledge of medical malpractice cases. A settlement can help the individual get proper care to deal with the long-term effects of the error.