KCI Ordered to Pay $1 Million to Patient

KCI Ordered to Pay $1 Million to Patient

A big blow in court for San Antonio based Kinetics Concepts, Inc. (KCI).

A jury awarded $1 million to J.R. Walker.

Attorney’s for Walker claim a bed created by KCI was defective and caused medical complications.

As a result, Walker’s attorney Marynell Maloney says Walker had to have his tailbone removed.

KCI issued a statement saying, “We are disappointed with today’s jury verdict in the case relating to our former TSS product line. KCI has a legacy of providing safe and effective life-saving therapies for hospitals and patients around the world. Today’s jury verdict does not diminish our 35 year track record of improving the lives of patients in a safe and effective manner.”

KABB Fox San Antonio, June 10, 2013